“Blazing Serena” by Kyle

Blazing serena

flicked faster than flames

burned so hard

she was gone for days

the quicker she moved

the thicker her smoke

until she was lost

No breath, only choke

acid burning,

regret in her lungs

all the life behind her

and the things to be done

Blazing serena

a spark in the smog

poor serena

lost her flame in the fog.


“howl” by knasty

my eyes glazed golden,

not yellow.

my lips lick a smile,

not a scowl.

I am a warrior

I’m ready to howl.

the moon looms over

a swirling purple sky

out of the shadows

I cry tonight.

No longer am I

drier than the desert

because now the tides

course through my veins

& this wild me hungers

for sweet, succulent life

and soon you will believe it

when they cry wolf.

“storm season” by knasty

I always hated the rain.

the cold, wet wind

under the somber sky

and the dark days that turned

to darker, dreary nights

but when you kissed me there

in the rain and

under that sky

I think I could understand

the beauty in

the cool, sweet dew

that trickled down your forehead 

when you laughed and

curved around your cherry lip.

and even though it was cold

I had never felt

so warm.

“seventeen.” by knasty

nothing can replace

what you took from me

when I was seventeen

& happy

& free

& alive.

but you, with your cold, dark hands

you clenched my dreams,

clawed at them until nothing,

nothing but shreds

were left.

and I sit here in the remnants now

laying in the rubble of broken promise

wondering why you chose me

to take from me,

to set a match to the hopes I had

and left me bruised in the ashes.

I am not happy.

I am not happy, because you took that too

And I sit here now, still.

Wondering why you chose me.